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Creative Movement-

We offer our youngest dancers a creative movement class which is the most natural way to explore movement. In this class we flow between structured movement to child chosen movements to give the right amount of structure for dancers of this age. We also explore the basics of ballet and tap during this one hour dance class. Creative Movement A is for two and young three year olds, Creative movement B is for three and four year olds who are fully potty trained, and Creative Movement Pre- K is for ages four and five year olds, who will be attending kindergarten the following year.

Level 1A

A ballet class for kindergarteners where the basics of ballet are explored. This includes center barre work, center floor work, and gross motor skills such as skipping and galloping. We end the class allowing dancers to explore movement on their own. 

Level 1B

A ballet class for first graders where the basics of ballet are explored through the introduction of barre work, center work, and across the floor work that is age appropriate for what they are capable of doing. We finish this class allowing students to explore movement on their own.

Levels 2A & 2B

A ballet class for second graders where the basics of ballet are continued to be explored,  terminology, body placement, and the proper etiquette needed to be successful in future classes. We will move forward in the MVBT curriculum as we begin preparing for upper levels.

Levels 3-7 

Please contact Michelle, at MVBT for more information on these levels. New dancers coming to the studio will need to be evaluated in order to be placed into the best fit class for them.

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